About Us

Quality first

Hi. I'm April Bernd. I run Smelly Car Jars with my husband Kurtis and son, Tyler (he's the one on the right of me with glasses). We started making Smelly Jars in July of 2021 after l took a trip to Texas and became obsessed with hanging decorations called car freshies. Unfortunantly...the freshies didn't hold up to the "hot as the surface of the sun" Phoenix summer heat.

Humble beginnings

I tried lots of different things to make my own version of an Arizona freshie and came up with the idea of the tin with the freshie inside instead of hanging from the mirror. It gave a subtle scent that wasn't overpowering and chemical smelling. People with scent allergies and sensitivities loved the Smelly Jars. We also found out the jars were great for stinky workout bags, drawers, closets and small spaces.